4x4 and Canoes

Have you ever dreamt about embarking on a high-adrenaline adventure with 4x4 vehicles passing through the most breathtaking landscapes? Canoeing in crystal-clear hidden lakes? Tasting delicious local meals in a stunning place? You can live all these together in one incomparable experience.

We start our excursion heading to the north of the island through National Route 3, we see the most popular ski resorts of the area, such us Cerro Castor. We cross the Andes and start the real 4x4 adventure! We pass huge paths of mud and water reaching the imposing coast of Lake Fagnano. At this point our guests take a moment to contemplate this beautiful setting and its particular energy.

After the brief stop, we make roads of our own with the 4x4 to get the adrenaline pumping during the journey. As we enter the forest, our guests leave the 4x4’s to hike through an exclusive zone, reaching the Lago Escondido (Hidden Lake) where is located our shelter. At that point, our team is waiting our visitors with an Argentinean style asado (barbecue), accompanied with Malbec wine.

Lastly, we divide our group in pairs and venture out in canoes and other top of the line equipment to explore the lake. The order of the activities may suffer variants due to operative and weather conditions and the canoeing could be suspended eventually due to security matters.

Harberton, Penguins and Trek

Visit the oldest estancia in Tierra del Fuego, an imposing country house. Contemplate the gracious Magellanic and Gentoo penguins, closing the day with a scenery hike along the coast a river, reaching to exclusive isolated spots.

We depart in the morning taking National Route 3 to its intersection with “J” Route, where we turn into the coastal zone, bordering Lasifashaj´s river valley, almost to the mouth of the Beagle Channel in Brown Bay. We get to the estancia Harberton, where its manager, one of the founder´s great-grandsons receive us warmly. We walk around the establishment, learning about its history of wool activity.

Later, we take a Zodiac boat to visit a huge colony of Magellanic and Gentoo penguins. Rambling around these gracious seabirds respectfully, we learn about their life and the ways of conservation. Back in the ranch, we go to Cambaceres Bay and hike from there along the coast of the river Lasifashaj up to a rough waterfall product of the narrowing of the river valley. Finally, we visit Puerto Almanza, the most southern fishing port in Argentina.

Crab Fishing & Gourmet Lunch

We start driving through the National Route 3 upon reaching the intersection with “J” Route, taking a gravel road through a dense native forest. As we reach the coast, we head east and start walking into the woods to a tumbling waterfall. Back in our vehicle we take our travelers to Puerto Almanza, the southernmost fishing port in Argentina.

From there, we take another gravel road 15 kilometers until we arrive to a lovely small fishermen village. Here nearly everyone in this village is dedicated to specialized fishing, catching crab, centollones, mussels, cholgas and other typical mollusks of this area.

A local family receives and invites us to board on their boat, in which we go to special spot. We stop, cast the nests and wait up to we catch good amount of crab! As we return home, the owners of the house teach us how to prepare a crab in a Patagonian style, boiled in salty sea water. We gather the spices directly from the garden and together we cook one of the richest gourmet dishes in memory.


San Pablo Cape & Rolito

Every land has its own secrets but not everyone is chosen to know them. A lighthouse in a lonely cape, a mysterious sunken ship for 40 years, and a distinguished antique estancia are some of the icons that reveal the unknown stories of Tierra del Fuego.

Very early in the morning, our team left Ushuaia with our guests following National Route 3 and crossing The Andes through the Garibaldi Pass. We stopped by the little town of Tolhuin, heart of the island, to visit La Unión Bakery. This is a traditional meeting point for both locals and visitors and it is part of the charm of this village. By midday we came to the Provincial Route “A”, where we took a gravel road heading toward the Atlantic Ocean and the San Pablo Cape. At this point, we hiked up to an isolated mountain with an abandoned lighthouse at the end.

Climbing to the top of this beacon, our guests could appreciate The Desdemona, an abandoned ship for almost 40 years ago which invites us to sail through time. It happened on a cold winter morning in 1983; when this enormous craft ran aground on the shores of the Argentine Sea. After exploring this mysterious giant, we visited the Estancia Rolito. This lovely ranch, that keeps the spirit of a family business based on sheep farming tradition, is the first ranch to open its gates to rural tourism.